lundi 2 janvier 2012


Oh! yes it s true! im back home after nearly two months away...

Before being back for real here, in my house i mean; i was gone for a week and a half to finalize a project we had prepared for 4 months now with Stephanie Cabdevila. For those of you who are regularly reading this blog, for sure you know her now. She is a multi talented swiss/french artist, known for her videos, and also for several soundtracks she' s been doing for some movies. Her unique art has several time been awarded all around the world on famous animation movies festivals.

We were talking about trying to combine our different universes in one side project. We first started with the recording of two songs for GRANIT 665 a few months ago. This collaboration will be out on vinyl hopefully on october on a russian/italian label... This experience was so great that we started to share some of our own ideas together, and then it was time to go in studio for recording all of that.

COPENHAGEN was born. As we first talked about having a common band while we were in Denmark together, we' ve decided to use that great name with several meanings for us too.
We immediately started to collect our ideas for that project and it went well, very fast. Some of the songs have been composed in Sweden, a lot in Czech Republic, in Arctic, and of course, the major part in Paris.

So, recording our songs for the very first time without knowing what would be the result was the next step.
That's what we've done last week. It happened in the middle of Normandie, not far from the french north seaside, you know just in front of south England. Chris Hamilton who recorded the first album of GRANIT 665 last year proposed us to be the third essential element to our project. Then we went there, with my youngest son, Lael, 6 years old, to help us out.

The place is an amazing old house, totally lost, an old monastry from 12th century in Bival.
Here, it is full of stories, of legends, with forests, fields, mysteries all around. That was so great to be at the end of the world for a few days without any connections with the outside.

We did 6 songs and those songs will be out on Eek records in London, England probably at the end of october 2011.
we also had some help from Emma Tic from sweden who recorded for us some piano parts for one of those songs.
Thank you to her too.

Chris has some other bands to record until the end of august and will start the mix of COPENHAGEN's first release on early september.

As a gift, here is a very small movie Stephanie started to work on to announce the release for COPENHAGEN, while we are waiting to make more drawings for the sleeve, and all other stuffs as posters too.

We will let you know when this project will be out for sure. But it was an awesome experience for all of us.


LiFe Is a GifT !!!

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