dimanche 4 novembre 2012

Stéphanie Cabdevila Showreel

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mardi 22 mai 2012

mardi 14 février 2012

New song / new video: "Sail away with me".

Special gift: one song taken from our new album that we are recording at the moment. The video has been done by us... More infos soon. Hope you'll like it!

lundi 2 janvier 2012

a blog for our band COPENHAGEN

here we go

Copenhagen is existing now for a few months and we have been releasing our first cd 6 songs on through this great london label based called Eek recordings.
We will post some infos as much as possible concerning the projects of our band.

COPENHAGEN: "I dont want to loose you"

My oldest daughter, Aina (she 's 13 years old), did that video clip for one of the forthcoming song taken from our first album under the name COPENHAGEN. She filmed it in the streets of London, Sam did the wolf, I did the hunter...
The song's name is: "I dont want to loose you", and this is the only song as im featuring as a singer...
All the other songs of the album are brilliantly sung by Stephanie Cabdevila.
The album will be out on december 20th 2011 on Eek recordings, a label based in London, England.


Oh! yes it s true! im back home after nearly two months away...

Before being back for real here, in my house i mean; i was gone for a week and a half to finalize a project we had prepared for 4 months now with Stephanie Cabdevila. For those of you who are regularly reading this blog, for sure you know her now. She is a multi talented swiss/french artist, known for her videos, and also for several soundtracks she' s been doing for some movies. Her unique art has several time been awarded all around the world on famous animation movies festivals.

We were talking about trying to combine our different universes in one side project. We first started with the recording of two songs for GRANIT 665 a few months ago. This collaboration will be out on vinyl hopefully on october on a russian/italian label... This experience was so great that we started to share some of our own ideas together, and then it was time to go in studio for recording all of that.

COPENHAGEN was born. As we first talked about having a common band while we were in Denmark together, we' ve decided to use that great name with several meanings for us too.
We immediately started to collect our ideas for that project and it went well, very fast. Some of the songs have been composed in Sweden, a lot in Czech Republic, in Arctic, and of course, the major part in Paris.

So, recording our songs for the very first time without knowing what would be the result was the next step.
That's what we've done last week. It happened in the middle of Normandie, not far from the french north seaside, you know just in front of south England. Chris Hamilton who recorded the first album of GRANIT 665 last year proposed us to be the third essential element to our project. Then we went there, with my youngest son, Lael, 6 years old, to help us out.

The place is an amazing old house, totally lost, an old monastry from 12th century in Bival.
Here, it is full of stories, of legends, with forests, fields, mysteries all around. That was so great to be at the end of the world for a few days without any connections with the outside.

We did 6 songs and those songs will be out on Eek records in London, England probably at the end of october 2011.
we also had some help from Emma Tic from sweden who recorded for us some piano parts for one of those songs.
Thank you to her too.

Chris has some other bands to record until the end of august and will start the mix of COPENHAGEN's first release on early september.

As a gift, here is a very small movie Stephanie started to work on to announce the release for COPENHAGEN, while we are waiting to make more drawings for the sleeve, and all other stuffs as posters too.

We will let you know when this project will be out for sure. But it was an awesome experience for all of us.


LiFe Is a GifT !!!

COPENHAGEN our first album is out on december 19th

The third release at Eek recordings. Really excited about this record.
Debut CD from from French duo Copenhagen. Recorded over summer in Normandy.
Six tracks of beautifully bleak folk. Only 100 of these available. All printed by hand.

£3.50 only!!!!

Out 19th Dec 2011.

You can purchase it HERE !!!!

Here is one song from our first album with Emma TheGuilt at the piano as a special guest.
Half of that song was recorded in Sweden and the vocals + guitars, in France, by
Stéphanie Cabdevila and I... listen HERE!!!

COPENHAGEN our first album is out today!

the 6 songs cd of COPENHAGEN  is officially out today!!!

 you can order your copy via Eek recordings for only 3£50 !!!

 Don't forget, it is a very limited edition silk screen printed and hand made. You can read the first review about this album on Atsounds.com
As a Christmas gift, here are two video clips taken from this album and one audio song you can listen to, here

A day with Zelda l' Azare and an exhibition with Isabelle Marcelli.

A few weeks ago now, I've been travelling in the big south area of Paris for a particular photo shoot.
I went in a lovely small city to meet Zelda l'Azare a young student photographer that I know for a few months now.
She worked with Granit 665 and did the cover of the 7" Ep we share with Stephanie Cabdevila.

Since this time, COPENHAGEN was born and that's why I went there with her to make some photos for this new musical project.

Zelda l'Azare is in her early twenties and is extremely talented. 
Her family lives in a lovely cottage, in front of a forest and all of them are in an artistic process: 
Her young daughter plans to study in the animation world, 
her father is a FANTASTIC metal sculptor/designer (dont miss this link, seriously!!!), 
and her mom is a professional photographer.
 Just a few words about her mom, as I have space for that. 
Her name is Isabelle Marcelli, she has an AMAZING exhibition at the moment in Paris. 
If you're there, Don't miss it!!!!!!!

OK, I'm back to that day with Zelda l' Azare and Stephanie.
Originally she proposed me to come for having a portrait of me, done for her studies.
But even if it doesn't looks like, it's hard to find one day off for any side project, and by the biggest hazard I was free, Stephanie was free also and last but not least, Zelda l' Azare was free too!!! 
It was a sign to start something altogether. 
I was very excited by this (new) meeting as I am a big fan of her photographies and especially when she works with this strange technique: the wet collodion.

Ok, here we go for a small but interesting technical definition of the wet collodion via wikipedia:

" The collodion process is an early photographic process. It was introduced in the 1850s and by the end of that decade it had almost entirely replaced the first practical photographic process, the daguerreotype. During the 1880s the collodion process, in turn, was largely replaced by gelatin dry plates—glass plates with a photographic emulsion of silver halides suspended in gelatin. The dry gelatin emulsion was not only more convenient but could be made much more sensitive, greatly reducing exposure times.
"Collodion process" is usually taken to be synonymous with the "collodion wet plate process", a very inconvenient form which required the photographic material to be coated, sensitized, exposed and developed within the span of about fifteen minutes, necessitating a portabledarkroom for use in the field. Although collodion was normally used in this wet form, the material could also be used in moist ("preserved") or dry form, but at the cost of greatly increased exposure time, making these forms unsuitable for the usual work of most professional photographers—portraiture. Their use was therefore confined to landscape photography and other special applications where minutes-long exposure times were tolerable. "

Now you know! But i didnt know to be honest.
So, we've spent the afternoon in her garage, listening to her knowledge, keeping our eyes wide opened because it was so magic for Stephanie and I !!!!
Here is one of the result:

And before I leave you for today, you have to know that for a photo like that, you dont have to move of any sorts during approximatively 11 seconds!
Now, here are a few photos plus one video taken backstage (in her garage, I mean).

Here they are!!!